Our days


Our flexible drop-off and pick-up times reflect the calm and child-centric approach we take. We start and end our sessions together with 'carpet time', where children have the routines of the register, child-counting, topic discussions, stories and snack-helper assignments to root them. Then it's on to the fun stuff!

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Graduation Day!
Graduation Day!

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'Children think critically, explore, discover and have a go'

Ofsted 2017

'Children laugh and talk confidently'

Ofsted 2017

Children learn to...


make friends ~ be independent ~ relate to both adults and children ~ feel secure in a new environment ~ development good manners ~ share and take turns ~ respect others ~ concentrate and listen ~ express opinions ~ build confidence ~ lead a healthy lifestyle ~ have spatial awareness ~ express themselves ~ use their imagination ~ develop their vocabulary ~ recognise shapes and colours ~ hone fine and large motor skills

'Children are extremely busy learners'

Ofsted 2017

Our responsibilities


Each Key-Person assesses the children in their group throughout the course of each term according to the EYFS criteria. They carefully take notes and pictures to document your child's progress, which together form the personalised and private Learning Journey Folders that are used to keep you up to date with your child's progress. These treasured Learning Journals are presented to the children when they eventually head off to school. 

Child-led EYFS progression


Our daily topics and carefully prepared activities - sent out weekly to parents, along with a suggested home activity - are often prompted by one or more of the children's interests or enquiries.  


The EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) criteria and aims, set-out on individual learning trees that categorise the various skills as either 'root', 'leaf' or 'bird' level, are naturally acquired through the open-ended activities, wealth of resources (including an emphasis on natural resources where possible) and enabling environments that Parkview has endless expertise in.

The seven areas of development that the children work through are: 

- Personal, social and emotional development

- Physical development

- Communication and language

- Expressive arts and design

- Literacy

- Mathematics

- Understanding the world